Burt's Buzz

Burt Shavitz is an allusive beekeeper who reluctantly became one of the world’s most recognizable brand identities. Filmmaker Jody Shapiro follows Burt from his modest home in Maine where he lives off the grid with the help of a wood-burning stove, to an airport in Taiwan where the bearded septuagenarian is greeted by hoards of adoring fans. In between the contrasts, lies a fascinating story of a drifter who happily followed any path he came across, and in his wake, spawned a billion dollar natural product line. From Burt’s early years as a gifted photo journalist, to his solitary life as a beekeeper, to his status as a global brand ambassador to his personal betrayal, love, loss and endearing affection for dogs, Burt’s Buzz is a study of one man’s ability to remain true to himself despite the pressures of a larger, influential world around him.


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