Deep undercover in London’s criminal under belly, hot on the heels of a deadly terrorist cell is Ewan – a Secret Service Agent. His mission: to terminate extremism. Posing as an arms dealer, Ewan attempts to uncover the buyer for a large amount of plastic explosive. But in a thrilling shoot-out, Ewan is brazenly ambushed and the explosives are stolen and then used by a suicide bomber to detonate a busy London restaurant. Ewan’s worse fears are confirmed – there is a terrorist cell intent on annihilating the capital. Briefed by his Secret Service Operators Ewan is tasked with operating off-grid to track down the terrorist cell and execute them. Unknown to Ewan the mastermind behind the bombings is a ‘cleanskin’ – a terrorist as yet unknown to security services. With time running out, can Ewan trace and execute the ‘cleanskin’ before his final and most lethal bombing?


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