Dhenikaina Ready

When his younger sister Sarawathi ran out on her arranged marriage and eloped with Basha, a Muslim, Narasimha disowned her, cut off Basha's leg, and started a two-decades-long feud between the families. Since that time, nothing has gone right for Narasimha's household. Over Saraswathi's objections, Basha sued for part of Narasimha's land, and after a 20-year court case, Basha won. Narasimha has been trying to get a canal built in his village, but all his petitions have met with failure. It's as if his household is under a curse. To lift the curse, Narasimha has hired the great priest and Vedic scholar Krishna Sastri to perform a ritual blessing. But the priest is actually a Muslim in disguise: Saraswathi's son, Suleman (Vishnu Manchu), who's come to make his mother's wish come true and bring the enemy families together. He's surrounded by the clownish cohort of out-of-work Brahmins he's hired to help him, squabbling household servants always on the verge of accidentally breaking some taboo and desanctifying the ceremony, a jealous priest threatening to expose him, and violent hoodlums out for vengeance. Amid a farce packed with mistaken identities, disguises, deceptions, misaligned marriage promises, flying chicken legs, the constant risk of discovery, and several lovely ladies vying for Suleman's affections--including Narasimha's daughter, who knows his true identity--the big question is whether Suleman can accomplish his mission before his uncle's brutal brothers find him out and crush his chances--and most likely his skull as well.


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