Happy Ending

A flamboyant writer who’s hard core commitment phobic, running away from all the I Love You’s, best describes Yudi. His claim to fame was a single book written by him years ago which was an instant hit.He’s got everything that he always wanted - fame, money & girls! But Yudi’s happy life is about to encounter a speed breaker as he’s out of both money & luck. To make matters worse, his ex-girlfriend has him on a tight leash while he’s also trying to compete with Aanchal, a famous and talented love story writer. His only salvation comes in the form of his agent who gets him a gig to write a script for an upcoming Bollywood comedy. And the hero in this film? Action star extraordinaire Armaan who is looking to reinvent himself as a lover boy . “HAPPY ENDING”, the Baap of all romantic comedies which mocks love stories by pointing a finger at love, puts all romantic comedies to shame.


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