Eddie Belasco is a 75-year-old Italian-American who seems to have jumped from the pages of a Scorsese script, except he lives with his 98-year-old "Ma," Josephine. Luckily, their senses of humor match their levels of irritability. Together they fight and laugh in equal measures as the difficulties of aging and living in a changing neighborhood catch up with them. Eddie was always one to love the limelight, trying his hand at acting and managing topless female rock bands and now is running a non-profit theatre group for young people. In the meantime, the spotlight is squarely on Josephine, with the local press running to her as she finally gets her high school diploma.In 'JUNIOR', acclaimed cinematographer Jenna Rosher makes her directorial debut by deftly capturing the bond between this odd couple and crafts a hilarious and touching portrait of growing old while staying young. After spending time with Eddie and Josephine, you will be unable to resist the urge to hug the closest mother you can find.


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