Just a Sigh

On the train from Calais to the Paris for an audition, Alix makes eye contact with a sad-looking man. Upon their arrival at the station, he asks her for directions to Sainte-Clotilde church. Alix finds herself so attracted to him that she decides to go to the church where he is attending a funeral after her audition. He is intrigued by Alix and invites her back to his hotel room where, knowing absolutely nothing about each other, they spend a few hours together. Later, Alix returns to the station to catch a train back to Calais where she is expected to appear on stage that night, but misses it. So with a few hours to kill before the next train, she decides to meet her mysterious lover again and tell him about herself. She reveals that she is pregnant and that her significant other doesn't know it. He tells her that he an English husband and father and had a great love in Paris as a student. Will this day change their lives forever?


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