Lost Girls & Love Hotels

An intoxicating exploration of contemporary Tokyo’s duality, Lost Girls & Love Hotels stars Alexandra Daddario (TV’s “True Detective”, San Andreas), Takehiro Hira (The Fighter Pilot, The Floating Castle) and Carice Van Houten (Valkyrie, Black Book). Based on screenwriter Catherine Hanrahan’s book of the same name, and directed by William Olsson, the film is a provocative journey inviting you to get lost within the darkest corridors of Japan in hopes of experiencing fleeting moments of beauty. We follow the passionate tale of love and lust between a haunted American English teacher Margaret (Daddario) and a dashing Yakuza named Kazu (Takehiro Hira) as their affair tears them apart and reshapes them across Tokyo’s landscape of dive bars, alleyways and three-hour love hotels.


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