My Name is Bruce

Legendary B-movie actor Bruce Campbell plays himself in the new film MY NAME IS BRUCE, which opens theatrically on October 31 in New York. MY NAME IS BRUCE doesn’t have a standard issue release date because we’re doing something for the film that doesn’t seem to be done anymore. Campbell is traveling to every opening city to be at the opening theatre for the first night or two. As such, Bruce is working his way across the country between November and December, in a new city every few days. (Who else nowadays goes on a two month PA tour?) The movie’s opening in a given market is predicated on Bruce’s travel to that city. As examples, after New York, the film opens in Boston on November 5, in Detroit November 21, in Chicago November 28 and winds up in Los Angeles on December 19. Ultimately, the film will play in about 15 markets.


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