North Sea Texas

Pim lives in a run-down house in a forgotten town on the Belgian coast with his mother Yvette Bulteel. On the nights his mother has to "perform", she uses fat Etienne with his rickety Fiat as a driver. As a little kid, Pim imagined a better life with princesses and beauty queens. But at sixteen, Pim starts to dream of Gino, the boy next door. Ever since they were little, there has been tension between them. Gino is now Pim's motorcycling hero, but in return, all he receives is cold mockery and little humiliations. It is no wonder that Pim sometimes escapes into a dream world. Then one day, Yvette goes off with a boy from the fair. When Yvette leaves Pim at home alone, he seizes the opportunity to chase down his dream. Pim moves into the neighbors' house to live with Marcella, his "second mum", and Sabrina, Gino's sister, who happens to have a crush on him. Pim even ends up sleeping in Gino's bed. Meanwhile, Gino is off romancing a girl from across the border. However, one rainy day Gino returns home.


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