Omar climbs over a separation wall and through bullets for Nadia's love. He is a thoughtful boy and a focused baker. He lands on the other side a resistance fighter who faces choices about how to be a man. The occupied West Bank knows neither simple love nor clear war. Who's an enemy depends on circumstance. Friends are captured, tortured and given the choice between life and loyalty. Suspicion and betrayal blot out trust. Absurd humiliations distort confidence and honor. Like the characters, enduring traditions also have no home. The youthful wills in Omar and in Tareq, Nadia's militant brother, are both fighting for different freedoms - for self and for the people. Omar's inner geography becomes as torn apart as the Palestinian landscape. Tareq fights on all fronts to protect his sister, tradition, his country and his friends. The brutal and beautiful uncertainty of the human condition is as much the hero of the film as Omar. We're left to wonder the impact of the choices we make when all our reference points have been destroyed.


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