A struggling family from the provinces discovers that morality can be both absolute and relative as they suffer each others' pains and vices while awaiting the court decision in the mother's charges of bigamy against her estranged husband. The Pineda family operates a ramshackle movie house specializing in second-run sex flicks: 58-year-old family matriarch Nanay Flor oversees the operation while trading shifts in the ticket booth with daughter Nayda, son-in-law Lando, and adopted daughter Jewel, and Nanay's nephews Alan and Ronald paint the billboards and run the projector respectively. It's been two long years since Nanay accused her estranged husband of bigamy, and today is the day that the judge will finally deliver the verdict. Now, as the usual service boys and gay hustlers start streaming in for the steamy double feature, Nanay attempts to get everything around the theater in order before heading off to the courthouse. It's not an easy task and the money is tight, so when a fleeing purse snatcher dashes into the theater with two policemen in hot pursuit, Nanay knows that this day will be as stressful and unpredictable as any other. - Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide


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