The Flying Machine

Over-worked single mum, Georgie, takes her children, Jane and Fred, to see "The Flying Machine," a film being accompanied live by super-star pianist, Lang Lang, playing Frederic Chopin masterpieces.

"The Magic Piano" tells the story of Anna, a girl whose father has had to leave Poland and look for work in London. She's left with her auntie and annoying little cousin Chip-Chip who desperatly seeks her attention. Missing her Dad, Anna decides to run away, but Chip-Chip follows her. As she tries to hide from him in a trash heap, they find a broken piano which magically tranforms into the Flying Machine and rises into the sky with Anna and Chip-Chip on board and they set off for a thrilling journey across Europe, following the wonder and passion of Chopin's life and music on their way to London, and hoping to find Anna's dad.

Jane and Fred are enchanted, but as soon as they leave the cinema, their mother Georgie is right back on the phone. When she finishes her call she notices the kids are gone. They were engrossed into the magical world of the Flying Machine that they have flown away with it. Georgie, with a little help from Lang Lang, follows Jane and Fred on their way to Warsaw where Chopin's is buried. On her way she gets to understand how much was she missing and how much she loves her kids.


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