The Kitchen

Jennifer (Laura Prepon) is turning 30 and her best friend, Stan (Matt Bush), is throwing her a party. But she is in no mood to celebrate. She just left her job, as well as her cheating boyfriend, Paul (Bryan Greenberg). Her cynical little sister (Dreama Walker) is threatening to overshadow the whole affair with the most inappropriate party announcement, and she is pretty sure she’s too old to still be living with her creepy roommate.

What starts out as a well-intentioned day of celebration quickly spirals into a most ill-fated disaster, from an ex-boyfriend who can’t get enough to the bands dueling in the backyard, and from disloyal friends showing their true colors to a manic-depressive party photographer who may have forgotten to take his meds.

In this ensemble comedy set entirely inside a kitchen, turning 30 has never looked this chaotic!


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