The Man on Her Mind

A whimsical meditation on modern romance, THE MAN ON HER MIND charts the unusual courtship of two lonely people, each of whom has a particularly active fantasy life. Nellie (Amy McAllister) is a seemingly prim young woman who, much to our surprise, is conducting a clandestine affair with Jack (Samuel James), a super-suave, fast-talking lawyer. It doesn't matter that the pair seems mismatched because, as it turns out, Jack doesn't really exist; he is a figment of Nellie’s imagination--someone she dreamed up out of bits and pieces of Leonard, a somewhat bland man with whom she had a blind date months earlier. Meanwhile, we meet Leonard (also played by Samuel James, though in a very different manner), and learn that he too has an imaginary lover (played by McAllister, again, in a very different manner), whom he has fashioned after the attractive attributes of Nellie.  When the two characters come together again, they are forced to compare and contrast their ideal—but, sadly, nonexistent--partners, with their flesh and blood counterparts, in other words themselves. The question is, will Nellie choose the man on her mind over the man in her arms?


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