The Signal

Nic, Haley, and Jonah are three college students pondering the future. Haley is relocating for a year, and her devoted boyfriend Nic and his pal Jonah are helping in the cross-country move. But their road trip across the Southwest experiences a detour: the tracking of a computer genius who has already hacked into MIT and exposed security faults. Nic and Jonah have piqued this mysterious hacker's interest, and vice versa. The trail heats up, provocations are traded online, and the trio find themselves drawn to an isolated area. Night falls, contact is made, and suddenly everything goes dark. When Nic regains consciousness, he is in a waking nightmare. His friends are nowhere to be seen, but he is determined to locate them - in whatever form they may still be alive. His only lead is the man who now meticulously interrogates him, Dr. Wallace Damon. Damon voices concern for Nic's safety, and tries to evaluate the younger man's sense of reality. As the two match wits, Nic looks to break free


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