The Squeeze

A young golf phenom, Augie Baccus, struggles to provide for his mom and sister in rural Texas. When a flashy gambler, Riverboat, rolls into town, he instantly sees the potential for a big payout using Augie's outstanding skills. They join forces and start hustling all the way to Las Vegas, where the infamous mobster Jimmy Diamond is looking for fresh blood. Diamond sets up a million-dollar match and quietly threatens Augie with a lead boot fitting if he doesn't throw the game. When Riverboat finds out, he makes the same threat, but only if Augie does throw the game. Augie is totally out of his element as he contemplates his chances... win or lose, it's bad news for him. His only chance is to pull off the biggest sting in the history of golf, with a little help from his loyal friends back home. But can he outwit two of the shrewdest minds in the corrupt world of gambling?


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