Wish I Was Here

Aidan Bloom and his wife Sarah live in Los Angeles with their two children, Grace and Tucker. Sarah supports the family with her public service job, while struggling actor Aidan auditions and escapes into fantasies about being the futuristic space knight of his childhood dreams.

Gabe, the widowed father to Aidan and bachelor Noah, has been paying for his grandchildren's schooling but now no longer can. While Gabe musters considerable strength to battle his serious illness, Aidan eschews cultural traditions and embarks on a chaotic attempt to home-school Grace and Tucker. Away from his brother's household, Noah tries to assert his creativity by crafting a distinctive costume to wow a comic-book convention and woo cosplay enthusiast Janine.

Aidan's curriculum for Grace and Tucker leads to some surprising self-discoveries for everyone. Further reassessing his career, his family, and his faith, Aidan realizes that he and those closest to him can find fulfillment by exploring new chapters in their lives.


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