10 Rules for Sleeping Around

10 Rules for Sleeping Around tells the comedic story of two young couples; one married, one planning to be, all best friends, dealing with the temptation of infidelity... both real and imagined. Ben and Kate are on the verge of marriage but waiting for Ben's company to take off before committing. Their best friends Vince and Cameron have been married for years and are finally sharing the secret that keeps their relationship exciting—the ten rules for sleeping around. As Ben and Vince's e-publishing business is hanging on by a thread, Vince has been trying to land a contract with successful children's book author, Emma Cooney, with hopes that this is the opportunity they've been waiting for. The only option to sign Emma is to follow her to the Hamptons and crash millionaire media magnate Jeff Field's annual summer ball. But there is more to the Hamptons than meets the eye.


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