A Warrior's Heart

Twilight stars Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene re-team in a touching, coming-of-age story of young love and the values learned through a shared passion for sports.Conor Sullivan (Kellan Lutz, the Twilight films) is not excited about moving to an unknown town and being the new kid at high school. However, the handsome lacrosse star not only has his eye on making the team, he just hooked up with the coach's pretty daughter, Brooklyn (Ashley Greene, the upcoming Butter, the Twilight films)... and things might not be so bad after all.But when his Marine father is redeployed to Iraq where he dies in combat, a shocked Conor becomes even more resentful and hot-tempered. His self-destructive behavior continues to worsen until a violent on-field clash with a long-time nemesis (Chord Overstreet, TV's Glee) and a vandalism incident lands him in a jail cell and finally gets him kicked off the team.Out of patience and with few options, Conor's worried mother (Gabrielle Anwar, TV's Burn Notice, 'Scent of a Woman') unceremoniously dispatches him to a wilderness camp run by his dad's no-nonsense Native American service buddy (Adam Beach, 'Flags of Our Fathers', 'Cowboys & Aliens)', where hard work - on and off the lacrosse field - are the program's centerpiece.Defiantly, Conor holds onto his anger, determined not to feel anything or let anyone in. But as the "tough-love" regime wears him down, he learns that real warriors aren't born ... they're made. Strengthened by the support and caring of Brooklyn - who never loses her faith in him, despite her father's objections - and through a true understanding of lacrosse and the game's tribal roots, Conor finally grasps the real meaning of sportsmanship, love and life.A triumphant film the entire family will enjoy.


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