Among Ravens

An annual 4th of July weekend hosted by troubled couple Wendy (Amy Smart) and Ellis (Josh Leonard) is seen through the eyes of Joey (Johnny Sequoia), Wendy's ten year old daughter.  Ellis is a trust fund baby, who is devoted to Wendy and Joey, but oblivious to the fact that his wife feels disconnected from him; Wendy, a former college radical, feigns a happiness she has secretly lost.
Among the couple's invited guests are: Saul, former husband of Wendy, a successful writer whom we come to discover has never written a thing in his life; Will, Saul's alcoholic ghost writer who is suffering from writer’s block; Emma, Saul’s wife, who is having an affair with Will. And Hal, the rootless hippie life coach and Wendy’s best friend.
Into this combustible mix walks Chad, a nature photographer who forces the old friends into uncomfortable situations that reveal long buried secrets and cause the group to re-examine their relationships over the course of the weekend.


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