Blood Done Sign My Name

Jeb Stuart’s BLOOD DONE SIGN MY NAME is an epic story of empowerment and the struggle for social justice based on the acclaimed book of the same name by prize—winning author and scholar Timothy Tyson. Part family drama and part history of the civil rights movement in America’s south, the film is set in Oxford, North Carolina in 1970 and recreates the circumstances surrounding the small—town murder of Henry “Dickie” Marrow, a 23 years—old black Vietnam veteran who was shot and beaten to death by one of Oxford’s prominent white businessmen and his two grown sons. In response to the crime, and the sham trail that followed, many young African American men took to the streets, engaging in riots and vandalism. However, schoolteacher and burgeoning activist Ben Chavis (who was also Marrow’s cousin), decided that the best way to protest the injustice was to organize a peaceful march on the state capitol. What began as a small group of outraged friends and relatives grew to a crowd of thousands over the three day, fifty—mile trek to Raleigh. Ten years old at the time, Tim Tyson watched as his father, pastor of the town’s all—white Methodist church, tried to get his congregation to accept the inevitability of integration.


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