Blue Caprice

The striking feature film debut of writer-director Alexandre Moors, 'Blue Caprice' is a harrowing yet restrained psychological thriller about an abandoned boy lured to America into the shadows of a dangerous father figure. Inspired by true events, 'Blue Caprice' investigates the notorious and horrific Beltway sniper attacks from the point of view of the two shooters, whose distorted father-son relationship facilitated their long and bloody journey across America. Marked by captivating performances by Isaiah Washington and Tequan Richmond, lyrical camerawork, and a unique and bold structure, 'Blue Caprice' documents the mechanisms that lead its subjects to embrace physical violence. 'Blue Caprice' paints a riveting portrait of 21st-century America and a haunting depiction of two cold-blooded killers that will endure long after the lights come up.


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