In the town of Copper Canyon, people are cashing in on an economic housing boom, and the local country club is buzzing about the investment opportunity. The story begins with Cynthia Lent, 14, finding herself frozen and embarrassed because her very first menstrual cycle hits her seconds before a crowded swim meet. Roger and Georgie Lent, who had big aspirations early on in their lives, have since settled into a complacent lifestyle of mediocrity. Nonetheless, Georgie, currently going through a midlife crisis rife with a new motorcycle and midday imbibing, pushes Roger into “finding” a way invest in the market bubble. Pat, the tennis pro and part time drug dealer, has cash at his hands and asks Roger for help investing wisely. Happy coincidence or bad timing? With the help of Doug, the middleman in the deal, Roger finds himself staring down the barrel of a moral conundrum. Along with a colorful cast of local misfits, Chlorine is the true American tale of greed.


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