Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

The sprawling slum that towers over Rio de Janeiro is one of the most dangerous places on Earth, and as the head of Rio's BOPE (Special Police Operations Battalion), Captain Nasicmento (Wagner Moura) has seen his share of intense situations. When a BOPE mission to stop a jail riot ends in violence, Nascimento finds his job on the line-- and BOPE accused of a massacre by human rights activists. But a public fed up with the violence and gangs that plague Rio loves it, and Nascimento finds himself embraced as a hero who gets results. With elections around the corner, he's promoted to Sub-Secretary of Intelligence. In his powerful new post, Nascimento strengthens BOPE and brings the drug gangs that run the slum to their knees-- only to come to the sobering realization that by doing so, he's only made things easier for the corrupt cops and dirty politicians who are truly running the game. After years in the trenches, Nascimento now fins that his new enemies are much more dangerous and, even worse, sitting at desks just down the hall. Since its release earlier this year, 'Elite Squad: The Enemy Within' has become the most popular film of all time in South America (out-grossing even 'Avatar'. Not a sequel to the original 'Elite Squad' so much as a reinvention, this stunning, intense action/drama is a perfect amalgamation of the best parts of 'The Departed"', 'City of God"', and 'The Wire'.


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