Farewell to Hollywood

In a recurring poetic image, 17-year-old Regina Nicholson swings between heaven and earth on a cliff. Reggie is a tomboy with a strong personality, wisdom beyond her years and morbid sense of humor. She is also struggling with terminal illness, her parents and a dream of making a film before she dies. When director Henry Corra met her at a film festival three years ago, he agreed to help her make a film. What developed was a powerful friendship and poignant relationship, as he became Reggie’s collaborator in finding artistic and personal freedom. This film is a poetic fairytale about love and death, holding on and letting go—one that invites discussion about the relationship between filmmaker, subject and family. An eclectic mix of images with intimacy of a home movie, it is filmed by both Henry and Reggie, who together craft a heartbreaking and controversial portrait of Reggie’s life.


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