Good Will Hunting

Set in working-class South Boston, a psychological drama about a 20-year-old lad who works as a janitor at MIT and spends most of his time with his coarse friends at the neighborhood bar. Blessed with a certain genius, Will, who has never attended college, can summon obscure historical references based on his exceptional photographic memory. He can also solve difficult mathematical problems with an ease that makes MIT's richer more educated students envious of him. When big shot professor Lambeau presents a math challenge to his students, with a fine reward to match, Will anonymously solves the formula on a blackboard placed in the school's corridor. Lambeau begins a search for the mysterious student, and upon finding Will takes him under his wing. It's the only way for Will to get parole after a number of run-ins with the law. Lambeau makes two conditions: that Will meet with him once a week for math session and that he begin therapy.


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