Hello Lonesome

Hello Lonesome is a story about people...actually, three stories about people. Regular people. They're charming and flawed, and they're all trying their best, just like the rest of us. There's a voiceover artist who lives and works in his underwear from his self- made mountain utopia (HARRY CHASE) and his opera loving postal deliveryman (KAMEL BOUTROS). There's a sassy suburban widow (LYNN COHEN) in her seventies and her vaguely peculiar but quite witty next-door neighbor (JAMES URBANIAK). There's an adorable young couple that meets online and jumps right into a hot and heavy relationship - despite some potential red flags (NATE SMITH)/(SABRINA LLOYD).These three pairs have suddenly found each other, and while the couplings are anything but perfect, there is a magic in the way they come to depend on one another. Because when you're alone in the world, sometimes all it takes is one person who cares about you to make all the difference.


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