Is Anybody There?

Sir Michael Caine gives one of the finest performances of his career as a retired magician who reluctantly enters a family-run old age home in John Crowley's 'Is Anybody There?' Set in a seaside English town circa 1987, 'Is Anybody There?' charts the unlikely friendship that develops between Caine's proud, acerbic old performer and the death-obsessed young son (played by 'Son of Rambow's' Bill Milner) of the home's overwhelmed owners. Written by Peter Harness, who draws from his own experience growing up in a retirement home, 'Is Anybody There?' brings a rich humor as well as a rigorous honesty to its portrait of different lives colliding under one roof. With a supporting cast that includes Anne-Marie Duff ('The Magdalene Sisters'), David Morrissey ('The Deal'), Rosemary Harris ('Spider-Man') and Leslie Phillips ('Venus'), 'Is Anybody There?' tells a charming story about growing up and growing old, and the unpredictable adventures that happen along the way.


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