Meet James Quinn Mcdonagh and Paddy "The Lurcher" Joyce. Related by blood and separated by a feud that dates back generations. As the heads of rival families, they train to represent their feuding travelling clans, in their long-standing history of violent bare-knuckle boxing. KNUCKLE is a rare chance to step inside one of the world's most vibrant and elusive communities. Travellers are normally silent about certain parts of their lifestyle. Never before has such a portrayal of their fighting traditions been committed to film. Shot in an observational style, KNUCKLE presents a hard edged portrait of Traveller male culture and explores the bond of loyalty, the need for revenge and the pressures to fight for the honour of your family name. Prepare to witness the secretive world of travellers and their way of settling scores. No gloves, no padding, just Knuckle.


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