Reclusive small town locksmith A.J. Manglehorn (Al Pacino) has never recovered from losing the love of his life, Clara. Fixated on her memory, he feels closer to his beloved cat than the people around him. Still, he forges on with his tenuous human connections, maintaining intermittent contact with his son (Chris Messina) and taking misplaced pride in a former protégé gone astray, and establishing a cautious friendship with a kind woman from the local bank. As this solitary man approaches the possibility of new love, he finds himself at a crossroads between staying mired in the past and embracing the present. Instilled with director David Gordon Green's unique brand of eccentricity and anchored by a remarkably rich, understated performance from Pacino, Manglehorn is a movingly humanistic portrait of a man rendered with unsentimental simplicity and idiosyncratic humor.


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