Jack Peruci is a mythology professor. He acquires an antique artifact from Kao, a shady witchdoctor. When he returns to his home to study his recent acquisition, he experiences a series of supernatural encounters. As Jack gets lured by this strange force, the gorgon Medusa uses all earthly means available to take possession of what's she's after...Jack's soul. Through her supernatural powers, she manipulate Jack's surroundings creating pandemonium in order to enter his world. From that moment on, Jack suffers from increasingly disturbing nightmares. As these nightmares intensify, Jack recruits his best friend, Steven Craig, a psychologist who specializes in hypnotherapy, to help him solve this mystery. Steven, through his sessions, unveils that Jack's bloodline is key to his paranormal disruptions. As Jack falls prey to the evil that haunts him, he must fight the ghostly disturbances head on in order to avoid his soul to be used as the vessel of resurrection.


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