Mission to Lars

Tom Spicer, who has Fragile X Syndrome (on the autism spectrum), has one lifelong dream: to meet Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich.  Tom has spent the past twenty five years at a residential care home in the English countryside separated from his family until his siblings, Kate and William Spicer, decide to help make Tom’s dream come true. When Kate and William share their idea to plan a road trip following Metallica as they tour along the west coast of the United States, Tom is game — at first. But as complications on the road arise - from finding himself in unfamiliar locations, to navigating his way through massive crowds of fans - Tom must wrestle with the challenges of living with autism in order to realize his dream. Meanwhile, Kate and William come face-to-face with the physical and psychological reality of their brother’s disorder while pursuing the nearly impossible chance of
getting backstage access to one of the most iconic rock stars of all time.

Can the Spicer siblings make it? Will Lars Ulrich show up? MISSION TO LARS manages to combine rock music, autism, and dysfunctional families to moving and sometimes hilarious effect.


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