Mosquita y Mari

Set in one of the most vibrant immigrant Latino neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Mosquita y Mari tells the story of two 15 year old Chicanas growing up in H.P. - Huntington Park. When Yolanda Olveros (15) meets her new neighbor Mari Rodriguez (15) all they see in each other are their differences. An only child, sheltered Yolanda's sole concern is fulfilling her parents' dream of a college-bound future. With her father's recent death, street-wise Mari, the eldest of three, carries the weight of her siblings as their mother works to keep them above water. But despite their contrasting realities, Yolanda and Mari are soon brought together when Mari is threatened with expulsion after saving Yolanda from an incident at school. The girls forge a friendship that soon proves more complex than anticipated when the girls unexpectedly experience a sexually-charged moment between them. At a loss for words, the girls ignore their moment and move on to become best friends, unaware they have set in motion an unstoppable journey of self-discovery.

As Yolanda and Mari's feelings reach new depths, their inability to put words to their emotions leads to a web of unspoken jealousy, confusion, and a sudden betrayal that ultimately rattles them at their core.


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