Rose Plays Julie

An only child, Rose has enjoyed a loving relationship with her adoptive parents. However, for as long as she can remember, she’s wanted to find her biological parents. After years trying to trace her birth mother, she locates her only to find that she wishes to have no contact. Though shattered, a deepened sense of rejection compels her to keep going. So she travels from Dublin to London to confront her birth mother, Ellen. Ellen is deeply disturbed when Rose turns up unannounced, as her existence threatens the stability of the life she has painstakingly put together. But Rose proves tenacious, and Ellen is forced to reveal a shocking secret she’s kept hidden for over 20 years. This revelation forces Rose to accept the violent nature of how she came into existence, and she now believes she has little to lose by confronting her biological father, Peter. What Rose cannot possibly foresee is that she is on a collision course that will prove both violent and unsettling – dark forces gather and threaten to destroy her already fragile sense of her own identity.


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