Somm: Into the Bottle

Jason Wise’s SOMM: INTO THE BOTTLE raises the curtain into the seldom seen world that surrounds the wine we drink. How many people understand how wine is produced? How it is grown? What goes on in the cellar? From those questions to how many hands touch a bottle, to why wine costs what it costs, to how certain wines end up on a wine list, this is a never before seen look into the world of wine.

By opening some of the world’s most rare bottles of wine the viewer will understand how a wine ages, what happens in a cellar and exactly what oak in wine means. We take a look at how history has impacted wine, from the Romans, to Prohibition, to the World Wars and even current events such as the Napa Earthquake.

Through the eyes of the world’s greatest Somms and Winemakers, we discover that far more than just grapes go into the bottle.


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