The Illusionist

A down-on-his-luck illusionist befriends a pretty admirer, and finds that his constant quest to impress her may be his ultimate downfall in this animated fable based on an original screenplay by Jacques Tati. Now that the theaters and large performance venues have been taken over by ock bands and pop singers, the illusionist has been forced to ply his trade at small gatherings in bars, café's, and basements in order earn a living. One day, while performing in a small Scottish pub located on a remote island which has only recently been wired for electricity, the illusionist encounters a young girl named Alice who is captivated by his otherworldly abilities. Alice believes the downtrodden performer possesses genuine supernatural powers, and agrees to accompany him on a trip to Edinburgh, where he's scheduled to perform at a modest, out-of-the-way theater. Her affection and enthusiasm inspire the illusionist, who in turn uses his talent to lavish her with a series of extravagant gifts. Unable to muster the courage to tell his starry-eyed admirer the truth about his trade, the illusionist continues giving until he's got nothing more to offer. - Jason Buchanan, Rovi


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