The Longest Ride

A 90-year-old man has a major car crash along an isolated road, where he finds himself snowbound and stuck inside his vehicle. While he drifts in and out of consciousness, the man sees, and speaks with, visions of his wife, who passed away long ago. They reminisce about their life together: his difficulties returning from World War II and being unable to have children with her because of a war wound, their emergence as an art-collecting power couple, and the man's inability to recover and find meaning in his life ever since the passing of his wife. Meanwhile, another romance between a young art history major and a handsome bull rider, two very different people who come from diametrically opposite backgrounds, is unfolding, with the bull rider locked in a fight against time, as well as his past injuries, to save his family's ranch. A strange event allows the two generations of lovers to guide each other as they persevere in life, love, and family.


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