The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2014

ShortsHDTM is the global home to short film, where short stories come to life in stunning high definition. Along with European sister channel ShortsTV®, the channels bring audiences captivating contemporary short form content from filmmakers across six continents. Following unprecedented growth in the demand for short films, it is now available to 40 million homes and is successfully entertaining over 11 million subscribers. ShortsHDTM is a world-leading short film media group, designed with movie enthusiasts and experimental ‘lean forward’ viewers in mind. Combining cutting edge short films with new spectacular HD technology, audiences of all ages can expand their viewing pleasure from the comforts of their own home, or on the move through mobile devices. ShortsHDTM obtains only high quality live action, animation, and documentary movies from the world’s most famous film festivals and independent suppliers. Through the acquisition of these films, the channel offers professional short filmmakers an unparalleled commercial medium to develop their careers.


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