Amy is a woman in her early 30s who works at a magazine, S'nuff, and uses her status as a writer as an excuse to drink all day. She's always late, she always looks like a mess, and she never gets treated as an adult. The most stable relationship in her life is with her father, Gordon, whom she regularly visits in his nursing home. Gordon has MS and is the youngest man in the home. Amy despises that he stays there but he doesn't want to live with Amy, and her sister, Kim, has a family of her own. Amy gets an assignment to interview a surgeon, Aaron, who specializes in recovering athletes and sports stars. Amy knows nothing at all about sports but when she sees Aaron and how attractive he is, she quickly changes her tune. They have a series of lunches where she interviews him and things become more and more intimate. Aaron is a good interview but is adamant that the story include his work with Doctors Without Borders. It's the whole reason he agreed to be interviewed in the first place. She really likes this guy. Their relationship develops, but when it hits a major bump Amy spirals downward. She makes one last honest, open, vulnerable effort to grow as a person and win him back.


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