Trouble is a rollicking comedy about two siblings who stop at nothing to outwit one another in a battle for control of family real estate. The fact that in this case, the dueling brother and sister are getting on in years, but are still locked in a rivalry that most adults have long outgrown, makes their story a fresh and funny high-stakes conflict. Academy Award-winner Anjelica Huston stars as Maggie, a tough-as-nails widow who fights to hold onto the family’s beautiful wooded homestead in rural Vermont, while Bill Pullman, playing her ne’er-do-well brother, Ben, plots to sell the land to developers right out from under her. Preferring to fight rather than settle their differences in a mature fashion, the siblings wage war with forged documents, bribes, collusion, and, when push comes to shove, a rifle, in a fight to (just about…well, close to) the death.


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