Up On the Wooftop

When Santa (Dennis Haskins of "Saved by the Bell") discovers that his dog Toby (Voiced by Adam Hicks of Disney's "Zeke and Luther") is missing, he enlists the help of everyone in the North Pole to find the adorable little pup. It turns out that Toby was left behind at the suburban Iowa home of the Anderson family during a test flight of Santa's sleigh. Now Toby must convince the Andersons of his true identity so that they can help him can get back to the North Pole by Christmas Eve! Along the way, Toby learns that it's more important to have a big heart than to be a big dog, as he helps the Anderson kids foil the evil plans of a crooked mall Santa and his elf henchmen, and most importantly, helps their dad rediscover the magic of Christmas.


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