Nénette has always lived with her mother, who raised her alone, and has a job as a cleaner at the village school. When her mother dies, everything changes and she has to go to an assisted living center. When she finds out they don’t allow pets, she leaves to seek out her estranged father, her pet turtle in tow. When she gets lost in the woods and stumbles upon a rave, the black-clad and pierced members of a punk band save her. Nénette doesn’t find her father, but her father’s son Paul, an uptight pharmacist who wants nothing to do with his intellectually disabled half- sister. Paul callously tries to get rid of Nénette and only when she accidentally slips him some Ecstasy, acquired from her rocker friends, does he warm to the idea of taking care of Nénette. When he comes down from his high, Paul has to confront what has become of his life, family, and responsibility toward Nénette.


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