Great World of Sound

An audience-pleasing riff on the dirty underbelly of the American Idol phenomenon, GREAT WORLD OF SOUND stars Patrick Healy and Kene Holliday as Martin and Clarence, two normal southern guys who get caught up in the excitement of a record industry talent scouting scheme. Unemployed one day and record producers the next, Martin and Clarence have a blast signing new acts and hit the road looking for the next big thing. But what happens once the checks are cashed? Craig Zobel’s independent film bona fides are firmly in place: he served on the crew of David Gordon Green’s early films, and Green serves as executive producer of GREAT WORLD OF SOUND. But it may be more helpful to go into GREAT WORLD OF SOUND knowing that Zobel has recently made a living between films by working on reality TV shows like The Apprentice. “I became fascinated by how desperate people were to get on TV, but how little they seemed to care about how they were portrayed once they got there,” he says


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